Eva And Eve: A Search For My Mother's Lost Childhood And What A War Left Behind

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In this unforgettable and “essential feminist memoir of women’s lives” (Sarah Wildman, author of Paper Love) the author of the New York Times bestselling memoir Perfection unearths her mother’s hidden past in in Nazi-occupied Austria.

To Julie Metz, her mother, Eve, was the quintessential New Yorker. Eve rarely spoke about her childhood and it was difficult to imagine her living anywhere else except Manhattan, where she could be found attending Carnegie Hall and the Metropolitan Opera or inspecting a round of French triple crème at Zabar’s.

After her mother passed, Julie discovered a keepsake book filled with farewell notes from friends and relatives addressed to a ten-year-old girl named Eva. This long-hidden memento was the first clue to the secret pain that Julie’s mother had carried as a refugee and immigrant from Nazi-occupied Vienna, shining a light on “a story of political repression, terror, and dissolution...full of astonishing and unlikely twists of fate showing again that individual destiny may be the greatest mystery of all” (Dani Shapiro, author of Inheritance).

“A gripping and intimate wartime account with piercing contemporary relevance” (Kirkus Reviews), Eva and Eve lyrically traces one woman’s search for her mother’s lost childhood while revealing the resilience of our forebears and the sacrifices that ordinary people are called to make during history’s darkest hours.


  • 001 EvaAndEve Open

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  • 002 EvaAndEve Prologue EvaAtNine

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  • 003 EvaAndEve Part1 Chapter1 EndingAndBeginning

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  • 004 EvaAndEve Part1 Chapter2 AVisitToTheOldCountry

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  • 005 EvaAndEve Part1 Chapter3 ACassetteTape

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  • 006 EvaAndEve Part1 Chapter4 AnotherVisitToTheOldCountry

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  • 007 EvaAndEve Part1 Chapter5 Interlude

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  • 008 EvaAndEve Part1 Chapter6 OpenDoor

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  • 009 EvaAndEve Part2 Chapter7a BasedOnATrueStory

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  • 010 EvaAndEve Part2 Chapter7b BasedOnATrueStory

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  • 011 EvaAndEve Part2 Chapter8 AThirdVisitToTheOldCountry

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  • 012 EvaAndEve Part3 Chapter9a TwoYears

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  • 013 EvaAndEve Part3 Chapter9b TwoYears

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  • 014 EvaAndEve Part3 Chapter9c TwoYears

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  • 015 EvaAndEve Part3 Chapter10 AVisitToTheCityByTheSea

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  • 016 EvaAndEve Part3 Chapter11 TheCrossing

    Duração: 47min
  • 017 EvaAndEve Part4 Chapter12a TheNewCountry

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  • 018 EvaAndEve Part4 Chapter12b TheNewCountry

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