No Surrender

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The battle is far from over.

Surviving each day is still a perilous struggle, and the farm may not be the safe haven Will Fontenot had hoped.

Will's homecoming to Calcasieu Parish is anything but welcoming as he comes face to face with the Blanchards, a local crime family who have taken over the town. But long-strained family ties are strengthened when Will's cousins come to the rescue.

A new community is formed as residents of Sugar Cove Road band together to protect their loved ones. As one thing leads to another, they become increasingly unable to secure their community against a much more powerful foe than the Blanchards.

With foreign fighters quickly approaching, a decision must be made: flee with what they can carry—or stand and fight. They are outnumbered and ill-equipped for the battle that is again at their doorsteps.

The lives of everyone Will loves are on the line, and he'll do whatever it takes to protect them.


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