Business Strategy Plan, Execute, Win!

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The scope and core content of this book is on business strategy, its application and lessons learned by the author as a practitioner targeted primarily to the C level group (CEO, CFO, CMO, CIO, CSO, etc.).  It begins with a quick history of business strategy and then focuses on what the strategists role is today and what key aspects are important.  The chapters are fun, but educational.  The preponderance of the lessons learned come in the middle five chapters that follow the form of, All I Ever Needed To Learn About Business Strategy I Learned At the Movies, On the Farm, On Shark Tank, On Hells Kitchen, and From the Bible.   Analogies and metaphors are used repeatedly under the premise of using stories to make the content stick in the readers mind.  The chapters also end with a One, Two, Three Summary One chapter conclusion, Two Gold Nuggets the reader is to write down and Three additional resources/tools for more information. The conclusions and summary in each chapter reiterate the top 10 components of successful business strategy including the need for and how best to: Plan, Communicate, and Listen to Customers.  They are described as universal success factors regardless of industry, business maturity or current business turbulence, but need to be applied differently depending on those factors.