No Other Choice

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The fight for survival continues.

Enemy forces have unleashed an EMP over the heartland of America, causing the power grid, transportation, and communications to fail.

Meanwhile, Houston, Texas, has been hit by a monster hurricane.

Amid the devastation, the battle for survival continues.

In the aftermath of the storm, reality sets in for Will Fontenot. Life as he knew it is over. He's battered and bruised from his previous battles but more determined than ever to escape Houston. There's no other choice. Houston is a powered keg ready to blow, and it's only a matter of time before the city falls.

When Will, Cayden, and Isabella are again drawn back into the enemy's plan for the nation's final destruction, they'll have to once again fight for their lives against seemingly insurmountable odds as insurgents unleash their attack on Houston.

Meanwhile, Will's sister, Savanah, must pull her community together to defeat the trouble lurking in her neighborhood. She'll be tested in ways she never dreamed possible in her fight to keep her children safe.


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