Bad Girls Don't Marry Marines

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The bad girl who stole his heart …

Valerie Willis has done it all: tattoos, one-night stands, even strip poker. And now she can add getting a messy public divorce to that list. Back in her hometown of Rock Canyon, Val just wants to bury her head and wait for the scandal to pass. But when she suddenly finds herself at a singles' weekend face-to-face with former flame Justin Silverton, hiding from her heart—and the sexy Marine—won't be that simple.

Is just too good to let go …

It's been ten years since Justin kissed Val, but he still remembers the way they just seemed to … fit. Since then he's served his country and helped his father keep their ranch intact, but he's never forgotten Val or her wild ways. So when a twist of fate brings him the chance to chase her across state lines and spend a weekend winning her heart, Justin's all in. Because when he sees something he wants, he fights for it. And he's ready to fight for the right to call this bad girl his one and only.


  • 001 Bad Girls Don't Marry Marines

    Duração: 37s
  • 002 Chapter 01

    Duração: 25min
  • 003 Chapter 02

    Duração: 25min
  • 004 Chapter 03

    Duração: 20min
  • 005 Chapter 04

    Duração: 27min
  • 006 Chapter 05

    Duração: 24min
  • 007 Chapter 06

    Duração: 16min
  • 008 Chapter 07

    Duração: 09min
  • 009 Chapter 08

    Duração: 21min
  • 010 Chapter 09

    Duração: 20min
  • 011 Chapter 10

    Duração: 19min
  • 012 Chapter 11

    Duração: 26min
  • 013 Chapter 12

    Duração: 22min
  • 014 Chapter 13

    Duração: 18min
  • 015 Chapter 14

    Duração: 19min
  • 016 Chapter 15

    Duração: 22min
  • 017 Chapter 16

    Duração: 19min
  • 018 Chapter 17

    Duração: 17min
  • 019 Chapter 18

    Duração: 19min
  • 020 Chapter 19

    Duração: 08min
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