Play Poker Like The Pros

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In Play Poker Like the Pros, poker master Phil Hellmuth, Jr., demonstrates exactly how to play and win—even if you have never picked up a deck of cards—the modern games of poker, including: Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Seven-Card Stud, and Razz.

Phil Hellmuth, Jr., a ten-time World Champion of Poker, presents his tournament-tested strategies to beat any type of player, including:

The Jackal (crazy and unpredictable)
The Elephant (plays too many hands)
The Mouse (plays very conservatively)
The Lion (skilled and tough to beat)

Play Poker Like the Pros begins by laying out the rules and set-up of each game and then moves on to easy-to-follow basic and advanced strategies. Hellmuth teaches exactly which hands to play, when to bluff, when to raise, and when to fold. In addition Hellmuth provides techniques for reading other players and staying cool under pressure. There are also special chapters on how to beat online poker games and an inside look at tournament play.

Written and read by Phil Hellmuth, Jr.


  • Chapter 001

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  • Chapter 003

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  • Chapter 007

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  • Chapter 008

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  • Chapter 009

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  • Chapter 014

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  • Chapter 015

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  • Chapter 016

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