Swimming Aimlessly: One Man's Journey Through Infertility And What We Can All Learn From It

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Using his own journey as inspiration, writer Jon Waldman offers this heartfelt and funny guide for men and couples struggling with infertility.

Take a moment to scroll through the contacts on your phone or your friends on Facebook. One in six of them is struggling with infertility. The affected women have most likely reached out to family, close friends, support groups, or online communities. They ask for the help they need, and often get it on behalf of themselves and their partners.

But men don’t always handle infertility well. Regardless of the underlying cause, the inability to conceive naturally can be extremely painful. The resulting feelings of inadequacy, shame, and isolation can change how a man acts towards those closest to him. But Jon Waldman wants to change that.

In Swimming Aimlessly, Waldman shares his family’s infertility story, a years-long, crazy expensive, physically and emotionally exhausting ride. He also speaks with other couples, doctors, and fertility experts, providing not only the latest science, but more intimate advice about the ups and downs of trying to conceive, keeping the partnership healthy, and dealing with the inevitable losses that come—even when the journey ends in a baby.


  • 021 SwimmingAimlessly Chapter19 OurFurryChildren

    Duração: 13min
  • 022 SwimmingAimlessly Chapter20 AdoptionAndOtherOptions

    Duração: 19min
  • 023 SwimmingAimlessly Chapter21 CopingWithChildlessness

    Duração: 07min
  • 024 SwimmingAimlessly Chapter22 SpeakingOut

    Duração: 09min
  • 025 SwimmingAimlessly Chapter23 TheEffectsOfPopCulture

    Duração: 14min
  • 026 SwimmingAimlessly Chapter24 DadEyes

    Duração: 05min
  • 027 SwimmingAimlessly Chapter25 SeekingKinship(akaDudeWheresMyInfertileTribe)

    Duração: 19min
  • 028 SwimmingAimlessly Chapter26 I-U-AYE

    Duração: 09min
  • 029 SwimmingAimlessly Chapter27 TheCompleteIdiotsGuideToIVF

    Duração: 09min
  • 030 SwimmingAimlessly Chapter28 TheRoadYouTravelForInfertitlity

    Duração: 20min
  • 031 SwimmingAimlessly Chapter29 TheSecondMisscarriageAndSecondaryInfertility

    Duração: 11min
  • 032 SwimmingAimlessly Chapter30 ItDoesntGoAway

    Duração: 08min
  • 033 SwimmingAimlessly Epilogue

    Duração: 03min
  • 034 SwimmingAimlessly ClosingCredits

    Duração: 33s
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