The Atkins 100 Eating Solution: Easy, Low-carb Living For Everyday Wellness

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From the creators of the original popular ketogenic, low-carb diet, comes the most accessible and flexible approach to the Atkins diet ever: a simplified lower carb and sugar approach to weight loss and healthy living. Featuring a foreword by Atkins spokesperson and actor Rob Lowe.

The Atkins 100 Eating Solution’s fan-favorite program provides a clear-cut way to control your carb intake and achieve weight wellness for life. This personalized approach is a way of eating you can follow every day, using delicious and satisfying food choices that help you manage your weight and blood sugar. Simply reducing your carb and sugar helps avoid the development of obesity, metabolic syndrome, and type 2 diabetes. While many diet trends can be vague in their approach, The Atkins 100 Eating Solution offers clear, easy-to-follow guidelines that make low-carb living a piece of cake.

With cutting-edge research and delicious recipes—all of which feature fifteen to twenty net carbs—The Atkins 100 Eating Solution provides a delicious low carb answer to the question: “What should we have for dinner?” Each recipe can be modified to fit the Atkins 20 and Atkins 40 weight loss programs, and to most ways of eating, including vegetarian, Paleo, Mediterranean and more.


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