Haunted by Amethyst The Mystery of the Three Gems, Book Three

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It's 1928. A fire blazed through Twin Springs Hotel and killed General Rockwell's three daughters, Emerald, Ruby and Amethyst. How they really died has remained a secret.

Nearly one-hundred years later, Private Investigator JD Wolfe hides the fact that she's haunted by the ghost she calls The Woman. As a top-notch Investigator, JD's specialty is finding lost children with the unwanted help her ghostly partner.

Following a lead to a case at Twin Springs hotel, JD discovers her first clue to The Woman's identity, and perhaps a way to rid herself from the ghost forever. But first she is required to partner with Logan Oakes—a rude, obnoxious man with burn scars covering half his face.

Ex-Special Forces Sergeant First Class, Logan Oakes returns home from his last mission with burns down his left side and looking like half a man and half a beast. He wants to hide in his woods, hide from the world, hide from JD Wolfe's penetrating stare.

When JD uncovers two runaway children hiding at the hotel, she must protect them not only from their Aunt but the evil lurking in Twin Springs. Never one to be left out, The Woman keeps dragging JD back in time, to 1928.

As, things heat up between JD and Logan and JD discovers the real man beneath the mask of fire's kiss. 

Racing against destiny's clock, can JD save the runaways, solve a hundred-year-old secret, heal Logan's heart and find one last lost child . . . Herself.


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