Pure, White and Deadly How Sugar Is Killing Us and What We Can Do to Stop It

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Sugar. It is killing us.

Why do we eat so much of it?

What are its hidden dangers?

In 1972, when British scientist John Yudkin first proved that sugar was bad for our health, he was ignored by the majority of the medical profession and rubbished by the food industry.

We should have heeded his warning.

Today, one in four adults in the UK are overweight.
There is an epidemic of obese six-month-olds around the globe.
Sugar consumption has tripled since the Second World War.

Using everyday language and a range of scientific evidence, Professor Yudkin explores the ins and out of sugar, from the different types – is brown sugar really better than white? – to how it is hidden inside our everyday foods and how it is damaging our health.

Brought up to date by childhood obesity expert Dr Robert Lustig MD, his classic exposé on the hidden dangers of sugar is essential reading for anyone interested in their health, the health of their children and the health of modern society.


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