I'll Bring You Back

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To save the boy she loves, she must do the impossible.

Growing up in a small Colorado town, Londyn and David spent their childhood falling in love. Now they're seventeen and ready to graduate high school, excited to begin the next chapter of their lives.

But after a tragic accident leaves David in a coma, Londyn finds herself drawn into a distorted mirror of their hometown, a dreamlike world built on crumbling memories and threatened by an encroaching darkness. A world that might all exist within David's dying mind.

Risking her own life and sanity, Londyn must travel across the familiar but decaying landscape to do the one thing only she can do.

Bring David back.

Blending suspense and dark fantasy with literary and coming of age, I'LL BRING YOU BACK is a story of love, grief, and the power of hope in the face of hopelessness.


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