Nervous and Naked for the Company Execs

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"Nervous and Naked for the Company Execs: An ENF Candaulism Story of a Wife’s Utter Humiliation. At forty-nine-year-old, fresh from community college with a degree in finance, Annie Lawton is so excited to be interviewing for a position in the same company that her husband, Ken, works for. After all, she is about to enter the workforce after twenty-plus years as a stay-at-home mom. She is also about to become the world’s most humiliated woman ever!

It turns out that company CEO, Hugh Girard (get it?), is a pervert of the highest order, and, at first glance, he has no interest in hiring any middle-aged woman—convinced, as he is, that only young women, with young, nubile bodies, have what it takes to lure in male investors.

But, being the good husband that he is, Ken will have none of it. He goes to bat for Annie by assuring Hugh that his wife really does have the kind of body that can do the job. It’s just that it’s hidden beneath all the formal business attire she has on. But Hugh, being the pig that he is, wants proof.

He invites Annie to undress—right there in the conference room—in front of him… and Ken… and the four other executives on hand for the interview. And Ken, much to her surprise and outrage, apparently sees nothing wrong with it—especially after Hugh sweetens the deal by offering her a higher salary if she agrees.

Well, Annie won’t have it. She refuses. But then, Hugh offers her more money…and still more…and even more. Besides, Ken points out, it’s just a little strip-show, right? Well, what’s a cash-strapped girl to do? Finally, Annie agrees.

And Ken (along with every other man in the room) starts to get hard. Frankly, the prospect of seeing his gorgeous wife undress and humiliate herself in front of everyone is bringing out a side of him that neither he nor Annie ever knew he had!

Shivering, sweating, and in utter disbelief, Annie starts to undress in front of six male executives. She is on her way toward becoming one seriously embarrassed naked female.

But things don’t turn out quite as expected. If Annie thought that standing atop the conference table and taking off all her clothes was the most embarrassing thing she could ever imagine doing, she sure has a lot to learn about how low Hugh will sink into the depths of perversion once he sees for himself how beautiful and alluring a body she really has.

As he proceeds to tempt nervous, naked Annie with even more money, she is subjected to demands that bring this modest, middle-aged woman to a degree of humiliation, degradation, and embarrassment she never could have imagined. Taking off her clothes in front of a roomful of men, it turns out, was the easy part! Posing in lewd positions, allowing a dozen male hands to have their way with her body, and even allowing Hugh full rights to her stunning behind…now that’s humiliation!

Is Annie up for the challenge? (We know Ken sure is!) Get your copy of the steamy and seamy tale today and find out! Lovers of Candaulism, CMNF, Embarrassment, Humiliation, and ENF, this one’s for you! And you’d be hard-pressed to find a more embarrassed woman anywhere!

This is Book #7 in J.C.’s “Shy Women, Maximum Embarrassment” series: a naughty (and sometimes nasty!) collection of tales featuring shy, nervous, modest women who find themselves in the most embarrassing, degrading, humiliating situations imaginable! One way or another, these shaky beauties must submit to the demands of men who, one way or another, claim to have the right to frisk, fondle, and finger them to their, um, hard-ons’ content! So, much to these ladies’ displeasure, their clothes come off, their goodies are revealed for all hungry eyes to see, and their bodies are subjected to all manner of groping and penetration that leave them breathless, outraged, and embarrassed to the max.


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