Midnight's Whisperer

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Before he died, Ty McGill’s grandfather left him with a skill few people have, an uncanny ability to calm and train problem horses. But after three tours of duty in the Middle East, Ty returns home to West Texas with his own deep problems. He’s faced with challenges that start with his former fiancée and continue through a futile job search that leads him to Midnight, a horse with the reputation as a man killer.

No one can break the fierce black stallion.

Ty, like his grandfather, doesn't break horses. He can look a horse in the eye and see things most people never see. In the eyes of Midnight, he sees people problems - troubles that begin with Midnight’s owner, the man who married his ex-fiancée.

And now Ty must learn that to go home again is to understand that nothing will ever be the same. But to find real love, you often have to go back to the place where it was lost. For Ty, he learns that some things should be left alone while others are worth fighting for. The challenge is knowing the difference.


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