Complete works of William Shakespeare - Henry.VI

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Play description


Scene 1. At the funeral of Henry V, the Duke of Gloucester and the Bishop of Winchester cannot

conceal their enmity. News comes of war and loss of lands in France; the Dauphin has been crowned

king and the valiant Talbot has been taken prisoner. Winchester plans secretly to take power through

young King Henry.

Scene 2. The French are driven back by the English at Orleans. Joan Pucelle, a charismatic

shepherdess who claims that the Virgin Mary has ordered her to free her country from the English, is

presented to King Charles, who is awestruck.

Scene 3. Winchester refuses Gloucester entry to the Tower of London, and their men fight.

Scene 4. As the English besiege Orleans, Salisbury is delighted to see the newly ransomed Talbot.

Salisbury is shot and as he lies dying, Charles and Pucelle approach.

Scene 5. Talbot and Pucelle fight, and she then succeeds in raising the siege of Orleans.

Scene 6. The French are jubilant. 


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