On the Other Side A Spiritual Memoir

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When Julie Jacky was thirty-eight, she felt shame and heartache as she took money out of her son's savings account to keep the lights on. After she climbed her way out of bankruptcy, she realized she needed to deal with other shameful secrets from her past that were holding her back and preventing her from becoming the person she wanted to be.

In On the Other Side, Julie courageously shares her raw and vulnerable healing and forgiveness journey after childhood sexual abuse. As you read, you will witness Julie becoming aware of how minimizing the abuse kept her stuck in her past and affected her relationships with herself and others. Julie shows, through persistence, how she healed and transformed out of emotional numbness, pain, clutter, sickness, and just going through the motions-to taking her power back, freeing herself from her past, and redesigning her life into one she loves.

Regardless if you were sexually abused or not, this victorious emotional voyage will inspire you to take your own power back so you can experience the freedom that awaits you on the other side.


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