Practice Soccer At Home: 100 Individual Soccer Drills And Fitness Exercises To Improve Ball Control, Shooting And Stamina In Your Home And Backyard

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Are you stuck at home or unable to get access to a soccer field? Are you worried about a lack of practice and reduced fitness?
This book is your answer.
Whether it's a pandemic caused by an extremely infectious pathogen or a harsh winter that causes 10 feet of snow to pile up on the soccer field, there are times when soccer takes a back foot. As we have discovered, soccer isn't more important than life or death, despite the claims to the contrary.
So many coaching books require complex equipment, copious resources and fantastic facilities. In writing ‘Practice Soccer at Home’, we are seeking to offer a guide for those times when we train alone, in our back yard, with little more than a ball and our immediate environment. Undertaking this additional work is important whether we are professionals seeking to perfect our technique at the highest level (why else would top professionals build home gyms into their luxurious houses?) or, more relevantly for this book, keen amateurs or youth players looking to develop our own game.
With jobs to hold down, school to attend and such like, it is unlikely that, in the best of times, we will get more than two formal training sessions per week, plus a match at the weekend. Realistically, it is likely to be just one session. In order to maximise our potential, we must do some work on our skills and endurance alone. The most practical place for many of us is to undertake this training at home. Why get in the car to drive to the gym or park if we have a back yard we could use instead? The answer is, of course, what to do in the back yard, and what to do it with! This book provides some answers to those questions.