200% Better - Insider Secrets To Living Your Best Life Possible - Issue 6

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"Most people who take an interest in photography get into it for the love of creativity, and not the money. Not at first, anyway.

Photography is an art form, and the attraction lies not in this art form’s earning potential, but in the photographer’s desire to do something creative and fun.

But, one of the best things about this artistic discipline is that while it may start out as a hobby, it can be a lucrative profession.

As wonderful as it may be to earn a creative living and work for yourself, life as a photographer can be tough. Even when you get it all right, you may still suffer slow times. Without a guaranteed and steady income to count on, even the best photographers can find themselves strapped for cash.

Making a living from your passionate pursuit can be hard, but there is hope, and that hope comes from passive income streams." - Sharen Ling