Zero To $1 Million - 5 Steps To Doubling Your Income With Email Marketing

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This book is to show you how to start building your first mailing list from scratch. I will give you shortcuts that have taken me years and $10,000's to learn. I am telling you step by step what you need to do to make four, five or six figure online.

Anyone can start an email marketing business with no starting capital and it's one of the fastest businesses to learn. You can be up and running within days.

I will show you how to make 4 to 7 figures online with email marketing. If you already own a business (online or offline), the formula outlined can easily 5X your income. Success is in your hands!

About The Author:

Tiz G. Corta is an author, entrepreneur, online marketer and coach. He established 10 online businesses since 2011 earning 5 to 6 figures monthly. The first month he made $20, two months later he made $5k, one year later he exceeded the $50k mark. Tiz established a multinational organization with headquarters in the UK and Cyprus. He and his team have trained over 10,000 entrepreneurs worldwide