The Count of Monte Cristo

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"A piece of perfect storytelling." (Robert Louis Stevenson)

Trust. Betrayal. Revenge. The Count of Monte Cristo is the quintessential masterpiece of Alexandre Dumas. In Edmond Dantes we find an early materialization of the modern superhero. He is a dashing young sailor imprisoned unjustly for treason. While in prison he meets a holy man who imparts to him all his wisdom of languages, philosophy, science, and literature. The "abbe" also divulges the profound secret of a hidden treasure. Dantes realizes that with such immense wealth one could do a generous amount of good for one's friends. On the other hand, one could also wreak a hateful vengeance on one's enemies.

Now freed from prison, and armed with untold riches, a wealth of intelligence, and a countenance utterly unrecognizable, Dantes fulfills his vow to wreak complete and utter revenge on those who conspired against him.


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