Top Secret The Battle for the Pentagon Papers (1991)

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The original version of LATW’s groundbreaking docudrama about the Pentagon Papers, the infamous classified documents about US involvement in the Vietnam War, and how The Washington Post fought the government to publish them.

Includes a 1991 panel discussion with journalists Ben Bradlee, Peter Braestrup, Robert Maynard, Carla Robbins, Robert Scheer, and George Wilson

Recorded before a live audience at the Guest Quarters Suite Hotel, Santa Monica in March, 1991.

Directed by Tom Moore

Producing Director Susan Albert Loewenberg

Philip Abbot as Chal Roberts

Irene Arranga as Bailiff/Clerk

Edward Asner as Ben Bradlee

Ed Begley, Jr. as George Wilson

Jack Coleman as Eugene Patterson/Carl Coogan

Richard Dysart as Narrator

Hector Elizondo as Fritz Beebee

Bo Foxworth as The Soldier

Robert Foxworth as Ben Bagdikian

Robin Gammell as Murray Marder

Gerrit Graham as Robert Mardian

Howard Hesseman as Brian Sullivan
Stacy Keach as John Mitchell
Darrell Larson as Darryl Cox

Nan Martin as Meg Greenfield
Marsha Mason as Katherine Graham

Richard Riehle as Lamont Vanderhall
Harry Shearer as Richard Nixon

Joe Spano as Ron Ziegler

James Whitmore as Judge Martin Peel

Harris Yulin as Henry Kissinger

Stage Manager and Sound Effects, Barnaby Harris. Recording Engineer, Steve Barker.