Til There Was You

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Misty Pennebaker came to Eden’s Ridge to escape a painful past and find a new beginning. She’s built a life surrounded by beauty, with her gift shop showcasing local artisans and her work as the only florist in town. Contented with her shop and her dog, the last thing she’s looking for is a relationship. Especially one with the gorgeous, tattooed biker who works at the tavern down the street.

Denver Hershal has been aware of Misty since she showed up in town three years ago. Aware, and interested. But he doesn’t have time for more than running his bar, tinkering with his vintage motorcycle, and riding herd on his pup--or so he tells himself. No matter how much his heart races whenever he’s near her. Besides, why would a beautiful, modern-day flower child want anything to do with a rough-around-the-edges bar owner?

When his bartender cooks up a matchmaking scheme to put Denver in Misty's orbit, he’s surprised at how much he has in common with her--including their mutual tendency to want to leave the past in the past and keep it private. But what will happen when Misty's private past is revealed, and clashes painfully with the things Denver's tried to put behind him?


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