The Billionaire's Reckless Marriage Limitless Clean Billionaire Romance Series, Book 2

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The one man Laurie Fields would most like to avoid just became her boss.

A thousand women would love to be in her shoes, working up-close-and-personal with billionaire philanthropist, Finn Anderson. Though alluring at first glance, he's less than charming around Laurie. She's not about to cut him any slack, even if her job depends on it.

Finn Anderson may look healthy, but chances are he won't live to collect Social Security. That's why he has to be careful never to fall in love. So far, he's been pretty safe, since he drives away every woman who gets close.

When unforeseen circumstances force Laurie and Finn to work together, Finn finds his walls crumbling, and Laurie begins to care more than she will admit for this secretly thoughtful man. But his rejection has her on the run.

Can he catch her in time?


  • Chapter 0

    Duração: 14s
  • Chapter 1 Part 1

    Duração: 37min
  • Chapter 2 Part 1

    Duração: 19min
  • Chapter 3 Part 1

    Duração: 25min
  • Chapter 4 Part 1

    Duração: 17min
  • Chapter 5 Part 1

    Duração: 11min
  • Chapter 6 Part 1

    Duração: 40min
  • Chapter 7 Part 1

    Duração: 25min
  • Chapter 8 Part 1

    Duração: 20min
  • Chapter 9 Part 1

    Duração: 14min
  • Chapter 10 Part 1

    Duração: 13min
  • Chapter 11 Part 1

    Duração: 17min
  • Chapter 12 Part 1

    Duração: 23min
  • Chapter 13 Part 1

    Duração: 28min
  • Chapter 14 Part 1

    Duração: 12min
  • Chapter 15 Part 1

    Duração: 20min
  • Chapter 16 Part 1

    Duração: 29min
  • Chapter 17 Part 1

    Duração: 21min
  • Chapter 18 Part 1

    Duração: 20min
  • Chapter 19 Part 2

    Duração: 11min