The Devil's Key

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Everyone on the doomed ship died except for his sisters. If he can’t vanquish the horror trailing them, they’ll be next.

Massachusetts, 1862. Finn Carey’s dream of a better life for his family is finally in his grasp—because he never quits. The young Irishman has worked his way up in the mills, fighting tooth and nail to secure a better future. So when the ship carrying his sisters from Ireland drifts ashore with no one left alive, he refuses to believe they’re gone.

Finding them miraculously spared, he hopes to put the tragedy behind them with a fresh start. But when tales spread of an evil escaped from the ship, of churches and cemeteries defiled, Finn pieces together the terrifying truth. Hour by hour, the darkness stalking the canals inches ever closer to tearing away all he has left.

Will Finn hold on to his dreams—or is he up against a foe whose determination matches his own?

The Devil’s Key is a thrilling novel of supernatural horror. If you like heroes worth rooting for, atmospheric dread, and heart-stopping action, then you’ll love Kevan Dale’s unforgettable tale.

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