A Very Sweet Highland Christmas Carol

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"A Very Sweet Highland Christmas Carol" is the SWEET/CLEAN edition of "MacKinnons' Hope" by Tanya Anne Crosby. Please note, this is a not a stand-alone novel. It is a "super epilogue," written to complement Page and is best read after reading the entire series. 

Eleven years later, Hugh FitzSimon is a broken man. He is forsaken, alone, a wretch left to wallow in his grief. A scrooge to rival Ebeneezer, he is visited by the ghost of his dead wife, who has come to reveal what life has been, what it could be, and where it will end if the candle burns out before FitzSimon has made amends. 

Meantime, in the Highlands, the MacKinnon clan faces their darkest hour. With their village destroyed by fire, and winter on the way, how can they rally when whispers of war have already begun? A very unexpected "ghost" may help them find their way. For years fans have asked for an epilogue and here it is, a short story to lend a little cheer for the holidays.