The Layman's Guide To Quantum Reality

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Have you always wanted to understand Quantum Theory, but was afraid of the math?

Relax. I have written this book so that you can understand the theory without all the hard to understand equations and science speak.

Once you understand quantum mechanics, you can use that knowledge to take control of your life.

This book has three sections.

It will teach you the science, and it will transform your life.


  • The first section covers the science and a little history. It tells you how things work.
  • The second section covers the philosophy. It tells you why it works that way.
  • The third section covers magic. Because the science works the way it does, your mind is able to control your quantum reality.

Take control of your life and reality.

Let me tell you about Quantum Theory, and show you how to use it to make your life better.

Buy a copy of The Layman's Guide To Quantum Reality and find out how to control your Reality!


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